Let’s Empower Women Through Corporate Social Responsibility


The figure of strength.
The keeper of a family.
The blessing to society.
The one who runs the world.
The reincarnation of God in a human.
She is a woman.

That’s how a woman is described in the Indian mythologies and ancient tales. But unfortunately, the condition of women is quite the opposite in the world we live in. A woman spends her entire life to prove her status equal to that of men in every field. She must fulfill every role a family gives her. But since ancient ages, the efforts of some people have helped women to develop their own identity and give rise to more entrepreneurs from India.

Thus, women have been empowered in society for years, economically and socially. But today we find many cases of gender inequality in the employment sector. Over the past few decades, nations have recognized women empowerment as a key to economic and social development. Hence,the government and organizations working for women introduce many initiatives to uplift their position and earning in the industrial market.

Role of CSR in having more entrepreneurs from India

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) revolves around the development of an economy and society by companies worldwide. CSR implementation by the entrepreneurs from India benefits the society as they invest in social initiatives. As a result, their brands earn a good reputation amongst the people which attracts more consumers.

Since CSR makes the corporate sector responsible to work for society, women empowerment is their main focus. Corporate now promotes gender equality in terms of salary and higher ranks in a company. As a result, the status of women in the business sector grows with increasing CSR implementation by the organizations.

Problems faced by women in the corporate sector

Infinite initiatives. Uncountable money. The never-ending process of creating awareness. Countries exercise many methods to empower women economically. As a result, the population of the female workforce is increasing rapidly. But despite continuous efforts to uplift women in the business sector, they still face many challenges.

1) Working women quit their jobs after becoming a mother. Corporates fail to give them adequate child care time. Thus, time off and absenteeism are major concerns for working mothers.

2) A female co-worker is not accepted easily in the office and society, especially an entrepreneur. Furthermore, many executives do not know how to manage women. Thus, the acceptance of women in non-traditional roles is a serious problem.

3) Although females are working as managers very few are on the board of directors.

4) Women executives still play a passive role in the decision making process. It results in the demoralization of women.

5) A large number of women face sexual harassment in the workplace. For their sincerity and talent, they play a big price.

6) Women are burdened with the responsibility to balance personal and professional life perfectly. Sometimes, it results in quitting their careers for family.

7) Even if a woman is qualified and competent, her job depends on what she can continue after marriage.

CSR Campaigns for Women Empowerment


This campaign is an initiative by the HUL’s (Hindustan Unilever Limited ) to uplift the living standards in rural India. For underprivileged women, it creates opportunities to earn and spread awareness regarding health and hygiene. Also, only women are the distributors for Hul products in rural areas. They are referred to as ‘Shakti Ammas’ in their neighborhood. Thus, it provides them a chance to gain a respectable position in society and become independent.

2. Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade

Avon Cosmetics is not just committed to women’s clothes and accessories but also women empowerment. They work outside the boundaries of business to support women suffering from breast cancer. Through this campaign, their goal is to provide better access to breast health care for the underprivileged and uninsured populations. Alongside this, they also invest in the researches focused on the diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer.

3. Sakhi by Hindustan Zinc Limited

This project aims to mobilize rural women to engage in self-help groups (SHGs). It builds their character by developing leadership skills, promoting skill development and entrepreneurship.As a result,1922 SHGs have already been formed under this campaign.

It empowers about 23,954 women and makes them financially independent. Also, 492 women are expanding their small enterprises. A total of 2.7 crores have been leveraged by the bank and ₹ 6.2 Crores have been saved. Also, rural women avail loans from SHGs for education, debt redemption, and household.

4. Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM) by National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd (NTPC)

Through this program, NTPC aims to eliminate female feticide. It fulfills its’ social responsibility and supports women empowerment. Also,the Company contributes to the summer workshops of about 400 girls in the age group of 10-12 yrs through this mission.

The girls from government schools in villages participate in this workshop. Supporting the cause of Girl Child, NTPC aims to promote education, health and self-defense techniques amongst the children. At least 137 girls of Vindhyachal, 125 from Singrauli and 130 from Rihand participate in a Residential Workshop in the respective Employee Development Centres.

Hence, more CSR campaigns by entrepreneurs from India can change the fate and face of women in society. Women empowerment in the field of education, health, sports, cultural, political and employment improves their life. Thus, without any support from women, government, media and NGOs, corporate and society can not develop. They encourage female participation to achieve the goals of a corporate, society and economy.

Impact of CSR on women empowerment

1. Creation of a positive environment, economic and social policies for women development.

2. Equal rights to women as that of men in political, economic, social, cultural and civil areas.

3. Equal female participation in decision making in social, political and economic issues of the nation

4. Equal access to quality education at all levels, employment, equal salary, social security, public office, etc.

5. Strengthening of laws and legislation to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.

6. Change in societal and community practices by the active participation of both men and women.

7. Media addresses the performances, contributions, and achievements of women in an encouraging way.


Since ages, women have fought for the country with passion and strength equal to that of men. In every field, be it freedom, agriculture, modernization, liberalization, privatization or globalization, women have contributed to these areas. But gender inequality seems to be a constant amongst the entrepreneurs from India and worldwide. Women are supposed to sacrifice their ambitions and balance between social, personal and professional lives.

Women’s empowerment through CSR is a ray of hope in many ways. It changes the attitude of society towards women. Also,they become financially, physically and socially independent.
As a result,companies provide finance to fulfill their social responsibilities. However, the public should also contribute in developing women’s status. Equal job opportunities and salary uplift their status in society. Since society can develop when every section enjoys growth, let’s empower women through CSR to bring them equal to men.

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