Women Empowerment

Women have incredible strength. They can manage household chores, having a job ad taking care of the family all alone. However, even after all their hard work, they are often treated as inferior to males. This results in mistreatment, exploitation and, abuse with women. Here comes the need for women empowerment.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 93 women get raped every day in India. Women empowerment makes them aware of their rights, strengths and makes them understand that they are not inferior to anyone and must not tolerate any bad behavior. When they know their rights then they can take necessary action in case of any misconduct with them.

To make women feel more empowered, we have conducted seminars to educate them about the internet. Our digital literacy camps helped them to work online and earn. We have also conducted campaigns on teaching women self-defense techniques so that they can protect themselves. Our other focus was on the importance of feminism and gender equality through talks organized in offices and villages.

We have also tried to remove the taboo related to menstruation through various campaigns. Our country will only progress if we have a progressive mindset. Changing one perspective at a time will take some effort. Only with help, we can make this possible.

CSR Activity: Self-defence training (Women Empowerment)

Along with a self-defense expert, we went to a remote town where crimes against women were high. We encouraged women to join us in a small training session in which we taught them a few self-defense techniques that would help them protect themselves in any circumstance.

This training session helped them find their inner strength and remove fear from their minds. After this session, if anyone tried to misbehave with them, they will get the lesson.

Total number of participants: 40

We created a huge impact on their lives and the women felt more powerful than ever!