How To Support Underprivileged Children (Your Chance To Be A Superhero!)

Underprivileged children

Imagine you are traveling and then stuck in traffic. Suddenly you feel a little uncomfortable. The kid wants to sell things to you. You will see many people making faces at them while some attempting to look into their purses. Underprivileged children have no role in the path the destiny has carved for them. One must always remember this. 

To illustrate, before you consider to help the kid, look out for options like if the kid is being misused by some goons, have you ever spared a second to contemplate about the daily routine of these children? For instance, how difficult is it for these underprivileged children to even have a proper square meal per day? Bottom line is, it’s we indirectly, all of us who have forced children to beg for their living. 

Kids suffer because of poverty. Kids are the building stone for the future, but contrary to that, they are forced to live in filthy conditions exposing them to harmful diseases. Lack of essential nutrients in their regular diet adds to the woes. Parents of such kids work at low pay and struggle to make ends meet. And this results in the kid automatically forced into child labor.

Education is pushed to the backseat as breadwinning takes precedence. Discrimination of all forms like gender, race, caste, creed, and religion intensifies their problems putting a full stop not only to their childhood but also their joy and happiness.

How to eradicate the issue faced by underprivileged children 

1. Donations

You can contact the parents of these children to understand the financial needs of their families. Help the family in some other way, alternatively donate money to help them come out of their distress. One time donations are helpful if the child is in need of money for medical treatment.  

2. Sponsoring the child’s education

Listen to the problems faced by these families. You will get a view of their economic condition. If educating their child is a luxury that the parents cannot afford, you can fund the child’s schooling and help him/her get all the required material for the same. In this way, you can even ensure that the money you contribute is not misused for other purposes.

3. Reporting to NGO’s

If you are unable to support the cause of the child yourself, it’s not a problem. You can still do a lot of good by informing about the child to an NGO. The NGO may help in eradicating hunger/poverty or working towards children’s education.

4. Creating awareness

Seeking the help of your friends, relatives or neighbors who might be interested in promoting and funding the obligations of the child can be another alternative. The more the number of people aiding the cause, the higher the end benefit to the child.

5. Spreading knowledge to the parents

By educating the parents about the various scholarships and quotas, if any, for underprivileged children, financing options like low-interest rate loans and the significance of education, difficulties of child hunger and child labor, you can get them to agree with your suggestions and make their life easier as well.

So, the next time you stop by a traffic signal or walk past a kid begging or doing forced labor, remember this.

You can be the superhero that the child deserves. Like what Batman means to Gotham. Not just a silent guardian or a watchful protector. But a symbol of hope. 

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