Nowadays, both the government, corporate and the people recognize the importance of the balance between profits and society. The growth of corporate sector is important for the economy of the country. But the societal and environmental concern also needs to be addressed as well. Thus, the solution to creating a balance between the corporate and society is corporate social responsibility (CSR) involving some stakeholders. Hence, CSR is a concept that contributes to the development of the economy and the society. Some of the most common examples of CSR activities include:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Uplifting weaker sections of the society
  • Digital Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Child Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Improving living standard of poor people

So who all are the stakeholders involved in the implementation of entire CSR concept?


Corporate is one of the main stakeholders in CSR as it is the one who funds the projects. According to Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, every company needs to spend at least 2% of its average net profit for the immediately preceding three financial years on corporate social responsibility activities. That’s where our company steps in.

We create customized CSR strategies that would compliment your company’s values, products, and long-term vision and help you implement them in an effective way, bringing a positive change in the world. Our company takes your ideas, form a plan and, coordinate with the respective NGOs and donors to implement the plan. Right now, we have an association with some 15+ corporate who invest through us. We are open to associate with more organizations.



NGOs are the target party who provides the beneficiaries, infrastructure and required documents to corporate to get the tax exemption. We work very closely with a network of NGOs from all across India to make a company’s CSR vision possible. They help us manage the funding, partnerships with companies and, help organize the sought-after CSR experience. You could also be a part of our network and help us make a strategic and sustainable change. Currently, we have an association with 10+ NGOs and open to associate with more in near future.



We have funds, a team that is ready to help and, a well-made plan to help someone, but who is that “someone”?

This “someone” is actually our beneficiary. The beneficiary will be entitled to get the benefits. It can be someone who is the child of the martyr, someone who is, unfortunately, an orphan, an elderly person who was stranded by his/her children, someone who has a dream but does not have the resources or knowledge to fulfill it, someone who is hungry for education but not able to afford it. We help those who work hard in the farms but are not able to obtain the money they deserve, someone who is unaware of the benefits of getting an education, someone who needs a helping hand and, someone who wants to spread his wings and fly high.

CSR implementation agency helps the Corporate/ Donors to find those people in need. We coordinate with our partner NGOs to reach these beneficiaries and connect with them for the right cause.



Whether you are a philanthropist, a foundation raising money for a certain cause or simply, an individual with a good heart; we appeal everyone to donate a little to bring about a transformation to someone’s life. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Every donation will go towards making someone’s life better. You could fund a child’s education, help find a cure for an illness; create a better world. Maybe you could have a home-cooked meal this weekend, instead of going to your favorite restaurant. So that you can donate that money towards the country’s future! Every little donation makes a difference!