“Safety is as simple as ABC: Always Be Careful”

Every life is precious. We must take care of it. Safety has many dimensions like road safety, good or bad touch, and drinking and driving. We need to make people aware of all the dimensions.

For that, we must take precautions like looking on both sides of the road before crossing using the zebra crossing or wearing a helmet when you ride a bike. These rules have been taught to us in our childhood. However, when we become adults, we seem to forget these small tips that could save our lives.

According to a 2017 report, around 1.5 people die in road accidents every year. To reduce this number, we must make an effort ourselves. With your help, we can make our country safer.

We have conducted numerous seminars in schools and colleges to enforce a couple of guidelines. For example, wearing a seatbelt in cars, wearing a helmet on bikes, crossing the road using a zebra crossing, etc.

The concept of good touch and bad touch has also been taught to help them recognize dangerous situations. We have also given them suggestions on what to do when they are in danger.

We have also conducted campaigns to eradicate the practice of drinking and driving. This has seen very good results.

For the safety of women, we have also conducted self-defense training seminars. The easiest way to make our country safer is to practice guidelines that you tell others about.

CSR Activity: Road safety

We visited a school in a small village and taught the students about road safety. Various interactive activities were conducted to teach them how to act when they are traveling or trying to cross the road.

We used games, hand puppets, songs and worksheets to enforce road safety protocol in their minds.

Impact: 80 children