CSR Initiatives’ CSR Projects Categories

CSR Initiatives has done many CSR projects in the following categories. The same can be checked in their individual categories. Although we are open to other categories as well. The bottom line is giving back to the society in the best possible manner.



"Education is the greatest strength". If we are educating one then we are impacting ten lives. That is why we do various projects on Education where we train people on various skills which help them in Jobs becoming independent.


"The  Health is Wealth". Everyone in the society needs at least basic health support. So, we organize various health camps like free eye check-ups, diabetes check-up, hygiene awareness, sanitary distribution, and the diet consultation, etc.



From road safety to Sexual harassment & Self-defense, we do various workshops on Safety. Because safety is important not only for females but for males as well.


Proper hygiene awareness and Solar device implementation were 2 big projects were done with the support of CSR activists and Corporate. Clean water and clean place save everyone from most of the diseases. That is why, we would like to improve the livelihood of people.

Women Empowerment

The nation can not be great if women are behind. That is why, we do women empowerment programs. We look forward to get support from stakeholders to empower women because independent women makes the society strong.


Entrepreneurs can bring employment and economy growth. Let's foster the entrepreneurship at various level of society. We need to have more women entrepreneurs so break the glass ceiling.