People living in rural areas are challenged every day w.r.t. their livelihood. They face challenges of poverty, lack of medical facilities and poor infrastructure. Due to poor facilities and lack of amenities, they struggle to lead a life of dignity and safety.

They need our help to improve their standard of living. Our aim is to take all the measures to ensure that these people never have to face any challenges again.

We have gone to villages and shared with them, the benefits of solar power. Drinking water is also a priority. For that, we provided many families with a water filtration unit and also, built a well in the village so that they never face the scare of not having enough water, which is a basic human necessity.

We will also teach people the importance of good sanitation and hygiene. With your help, we will build toilets in each home. We also shared the importance of toilets in every home through a seminar. In that seminar, we also shared the different ways the government is helping people install a toilet in their homes.

We are trying to help in any way we can. However, we can only help them if you help us! Everyone deserves the best livelihood to live in a proper home with electricity and enough food and water. To achieve this mission, we need all the help we can get.

Solar Device Distribution for a better livelihood

We helped 6 families and around 36 lives got the benefit( each family has around 6 members) by providing solar devices. Their children now can study when the electricity is not there. The women can better take care of Kitchen and other homework using this device.

We selected 2 people from the locality who were taught the usage of the devices and in case some issues happen with the device then local people can pay them some amount and they would check the devices. In this way, we made them skilled by teaching basic skills about the usage functioning of the devices. If someone finds an issue then these 2 people can be approached and get paid for the service. We here make people employable to some extent and encourage them to learn as well.

Impact: 36 lives (Children use this for studying & women for their kitchen work etc.)