“Good health is life’s greatest blessing”.

Good health and hygiene are absolutely necessary for every individual. Even though our country has made so much progress in the past few years, 70% of the population still lives in rural areas and has no or limited access to hospitals and clinics. Millions of people die every year due to lack of medical facilities. In times like these, we need to make a change ourselves.

India still spends only around 4.2% of its national GDP on healthcare goods and services. This should probe you put in extra efforts to bring about better healthcare in our country. Our organization is putting all efforts into providing good healthcare facilities to all those in need. Some of them are as follows:

  • Mobile health units
  • Health awareness camps
  • Free health check-ups
  • Immunization and vaccination camps
  • Diabetes and HIV check-ups
  • Regular eye check-ups
  • Sanitation and hygiene camps

With your help, we will build toilets in each village. All the states of India are slowly becoming open defecation free. Let’s give them the final push they need so that our country can become completely open defecation free. Many campaigns will be held to educate people about the harmful effects of defecation in public. These campaigns will also inform people about the various ways in which we can install a toilet in our homes and villages. Cleanliness drives are also organized to further this purpose.

With enough help, we can also build a hospital in villages that will be fully equipped and employed with various qualified doctors and nurses. Proper surgical equipment and staff will also be provided. This can only be possible if many people help us out.

The World Health Organization’s 2000 World Health Report ranked India’s healthcare system at 112. Let’s boost our ranking by contributing as much as we can.

CSR Activity on health: Laughter Yoga Session at Apna Ghar

The organization ‘Apna Ghar’ is basically a destitute home  (Ashram) with the aim to serve the helpless destitute persons who are facing a very painful phase of life. These persons ( beneficiaries) are generally found on the railway station, bus stand, religious and other public places in very unhygienic, critically diseased and painful condition. Nobody comes forward to help or even to touch them. So due to lack of food, medicine, and care, their condition becomes more and more critical. Then they are going towards lingering and painful death. Apna Ghar supports these beneficiaries with the help of corporates and donors.

We did a Laughter Yoga session with the help of one of our trainer Dr. Santosh Shahi.

Our aim was to bring the smile and show positivity to these people which actually can lead to good health. The project was a great success and brought smiles on 300+ faces including 100+ mentally unfit females.

As per the NGO’s president, they never smiled and reacted but that day they danced and sang with us. We served them food as well. Amazing experience.

Impact: 300+ lives