Everyone has a dream. However, not everyone has the resources or the knowledge to pursue them. Many people, especially in rural areas, want to start their own business but, they need some help to start their venture. That’s where we step in to help them to start their entrepreneurship journey.

Along with your help, we help these individuals make their dream come true. We teach people the basics of business and help them to raise funds to help them to start their business.

We also conducted seminars to motivate women to start their own business and become self-reliant. This promotes them to learn new skills and have their own source of income and as a result, become more independent. We also teach them how to manage and promote their business.

We are open to helping everyone with their entrepreneur endeavors. However, we will need your help to make this possible.

The farmers also need our help. We will educate them on modern farming techniques and the policies that the government issues for their benefit. We will teach them various ways to irrigate their farms and help them choose the best fertilizers for the same. They are the backbone of our country and should be treated with that much respect. We shall also educate them on which crops will be the best for their farm, depending on the size and location.

With your help, we can conquer all these tasks and more!

CSR Activity: Basics of Entrepreneurship

We went to a small town and taught many people the basics of entrepreneurship. Not only the basics but communication skills, ethics and the ways to promote a business were also covered.

We also taught them basic marketing strategies to help them promote their business.

Impact: 80 people

Out of 80, if one person succeeds in his/ her venture, we celebrate it.