“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Having access to a good education in your childhood can make a real difference to your future. Unfortunately, 37% of India’s population is illiterate. Children living in rural areas do not go to school because their parents need them to earn a living. These children do not grow an interest in getting an education as their parents aren’t very educated either. Young girls are not sent to school at times because their parents want them to help out with household work.

The government is doing its part to inculcate the need for education within these types of families. We should contribute towards this goal too. Our organization will take the necessary actions to spread education in our country. Whether it is a child looking for an education or an adult who wants to finish their studies or even study further; we are here to help!

With your help, we can build many schools with qualified teachers. We can also provide its students with proper study material like textbooks and notebooks and appropriate stationery like pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.

Some villages have a school but they do not have proper teaching staff and are too far away from the village. Due to the distance children cannot go to those schools. We would make sure to make the traveling easier for the students. We would also provide schools with qualified teaching staff with the help of your donations.

You could also make a contribution to this mission by sponsoring a child’s education! Like paying for their books, stationery and maybe their mid-day meals too. You would be making that child’s dreams true. Every child’s education contributes to a brighter future for our country!

CSR Activity Summary: Skill Development (education)

We completed the project on “Skill Development for the Women & Children”. We empowered learners with Skills on Financial Literacy, Usage of Gmail & Social Media, Opening of Online bank account & ticket booking. Also, they were provided with Self-motivation & Life Skills training.
Total Learners: 30
We created a huge impact by making them educated and motivated.