About CSR Initiatives

CSRinitiatives.com is a social arm of Edu4Sure (An Organization which provides affordable education). CSRinitiatives works as a CSR Implementation Agency or Partner which collaborates with Corporations, NGOs and Beneficiaries to develop impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

We focus on the overall CSR Strategy by designing the program for the corporates, support NGOs & Beneficiaries. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting practice has worked with leading companies across India to shape their social good strategies, facilitate program implementation, and assess the on-the-ground impact of such initiatives. We also work with international and domestic donor agencies and foundations to facilitate multi-stakeholder platforms around critical social issues.


To support all the stakeholders across the value chain.


To create a robust model where all stakeholders work together and impact social lives most effectively.

People Behind The CSRinitiatives.com

The people behind the initiative are the edupreneurs who are serving the nation by sharing their knowledge of various skills. Their academic background varies like CA, Doctors, Philanthropists, Academicians, and Management Professionals.

The Founder had the idea of a CSR implementation agency in 2010. In her projects on CSR, she found that NGOs must complement with project management skills outside its people. Corporates who invest in CSR must receive an end-t0-end  project report which covers all activities with the actual outcomes.

Many a time, NGOs fail to impact because of the right expertise at an affordable cost. That is why we edupreneurs want to support the initiative and help NGOs in better execution by keeping our expertise at the desired cost. Corporates also look for an external agency who can control and measure the CSR activity. Here, the need for an implementation partner comes in.

Edu4Sure.com is an Educational portal where the Co-founders have decided to leverage the expertise for social initiatives as well and hence, CSRinitiatives was founded. The team has the vision to work collaboratively. The edu4Sure team can be found here.