Companies Investing In Education Through CSR


I thought it would be difficult to find out the list of the companies investing in education but the results were surprising. Many companies are doing great work.

List of companies investing in Education through their CSR activities

1. TCS

Tata Consultancy Services runs a computer-based functional literacy (CBFL) program to resolve the problem of adult illiteracy in India. The TCS program focuses exclusively on reading, while drastically reducing the time it takes an uneducated person to achieve the objective. It teaches a person to read within a span of 30 to 45 hours spread over 10 to 12 weeks. The emphasis is on words rather than alphabets. And thus the process is styled to suit the learner. Hence, it is one of the major companies investing in education through CSR.


Infosys Foundation was established in 1996 as a not-for-profit trust to support their social initiative. The foundation supports the cause of the destitute, the rural poor, the mentally challenged, and the economically disadvantaged sections of the society. And also Infosys’ Education & Research group has the pride of anchoring the Infosys Extension Program (IEP), which consists of the Infosys Fellowship Program, Rural Reach program, Catch Them Young and Train the Trainer.


Wipro Applying Thought in Schools (WATIS) is a social initiative working on building capacity in school education reform in India. Since the past 14 years, WATIS has worked closely with 35 organizations working in the improvement of school education. Their work, spread over 67 educational projects, has involved over 2300 schools and 13,250 educators across 17 states reaching out to about 1 million students.


IBM Kidsmart program started in 2003 and since its inception, the Program has touched approximately 100,000 children’s lives. From remote areas to underprivileged areas of towns and cities worldwide, the program is using technology to inspire young learners Worldwide. The program is for children 3 – 7 years of age and includes the Young Explorer. It is award-winning educational software to help children learn and explore concepts in math, science, and language. IBM also supports government schools through our KidSmart program.


At Dell, It is believed that education can play a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality in under-served communities. The company’s “Youth Learning” initiative works to fill the learning gap for thousands of young people who lack access to quality programs, education, and technology and tools to learn. Thus, Dell places state-of-the-art technology into the hands of underprivileged youth and helps them discover new possibilities to unleash their potential.


The Tech Mahindra Foundation established in 2007, runs about 136 programs. The CSR budget allocated by Tech Mahindra Foundation is  INR 35 Crore. Also, this money is received as the two percent mandatory contribution from Tech Mahindra Limited and its subsidiaries.


In collaboration with the National Skills Development Corporation, Cisco trained more than 3000 youth PAN India with a focus on people with disabilities in the rural sector. Their main beneficiaries are women as centered on the concept “when you educate a woman, you educate a community”


Since 2010, Accenture’s “Skills to Succeed” initiative has aimed at empowering the youth and women from economically weaker sections and persons with disabilities. So they provide training for the skills needed in high-demand job sectors.


Microsoft started the Project Shiksha under which 7,45,000 government school teachers were trained to impact 37.2 million students across the country so far.


Merck India Charitable Trust came into the existence in 2005. Since then it has helped over 200 underprivileged youth to achieve their dreams. Their promise to “MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN” successfully fulfills by assisting talented students. They did it by providing scholarships and encouraging them to pursue higher education.

Thus, there are many more companies investing in education that we should appreciate. The public should recognize them for their good deeds. And also, see them for more than a profitable organization for shareholders.

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